Board Requirements

I understand that if I am selected to serve on the United Way of Davie County’s (UWDC) Board of Directors, I will:

  • Attend all board meetings (the board meets every other month), and only one (1) absence a year is allowed.
  • Attend all committee meetings (committees usually meet monthly)
  • Serve at least one full term, (terms are 2 years), and not more than 2 terms consecutively (for a total of 4 consecutive years at one time).
  • Be assigned a position on a committee and I am expected to participate and help the work of that committee to advance the mission of the UWDC.
  • Financially contribute to the UWDC each year either through my business (Small Business 365), my company’s workplace campaign, or personally.
  • Promote the work of the UWDC in the Davie County community to encourage others to donate to the cause.
  • Ask for knowledge and support from the executive director to help me fulfill my roles and responsibilities as often as needed.
  • Stay in active communication with the board chair if I am unable or unwilling to fulfill my roles on the board of directors.
  • Remain knowledgeable about the finances and functions of the UWDC.
  • Actively and openly share concerns I have about the work of the UWDC to the Executive Director and the board chair.
  • Be receptive to constructive feedback that helps me learn and grow in my role as a board member.
  • Conduct myself in a professional manner and to be mindful that even in my personal life, I will act with integrity and good character.
  • Understand that this is a volunteer position and therefore I will strike a good balance of serving faithfully while not overextending myself so that I burn out.