United Way of Davie County’s Grant Application

In the previous years, we had applicants complete the application in a MS Word document and then print dozens of copies for our Community Investment Council, the group of volunteers who make the decision as to the amount of funds each agency receives each year. By submitting your application online, you need only upload your information which we house on a secure page on our website for our volunteers to use. Part of our goal is to save you considerable time. As well, we have changed the application, cut information that is no longer needed, and removed questions that were duplicative.

If you have questions as you go through this process, please feel free to call Cyndi or Chuck at (336) 751-0313.

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Please read this ENTIRE page before beginning your grant application.

Your grant application will save as you go, however if you close your browser before clicking “Submit,”
you MAY LOSE all your information. We are providing this page to show you ALL the information you will need before you begin. This means that if you follow these steps you will be able to load the content for your grant application more quickly.

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If you would like to review each of the questions that will be asked in the application, download this PDF document to prepare your responses before you submit in our online portal.

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Below is the list of the documents that you will need prior to beginning your grant application. All files should be uploaded in a pdf format (even the budget form). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

This is the list of files you will need for your United Way of Davie County Grant Application:

  • 2022 Program Budget Form: **Download Form here**
  • Current Board of Directors: (Needs to include members names, emails, & phone numbers).
  • Memorandum of Agreement: At the end of the application you will need to agree to our Memorandum of Agreement as a community partner. You can view the details of that agreement here, before completing the application.